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Friday, January 17, 2014

The Apartment with Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine, Fred MacMurry

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Rating: 9 Arthritic Fingers Up

The Apartment is most likely a movie that your favorite senior citizen has already seen once or twice, but it is still great fun. First published in 1960, Jack Lemmon plays the part of C.C. Baxer, one of many up and coming workers in a very large company. What sets C.C. apart is that he's a bachelor with an amply furnished batchelor pad which comes in very handy to the philandering upper level managers at his company.

The more C.C. lends out his apartment for trysts, the faster he moves up the corporate ladder. But, his top level boss (Fred MacMurry) wants more than C.C's apartment - he wants the girl (Shirley MacLaine) that the bachelor has his eye on too. As an aside, Shirley MacLaine might be her prettiest in this movie with her pixie hair cut.

The hilarity continues as C.C. tries to schedule all of the extramarital activity in his apartment. It's sad when a guy has the flu and can't even stay in his own bed!

The comedy in this film is good natured and light. Just right for your favorite senior citizen.

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