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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Sister Act with Whoopi Goldberg

Rating: 10 arthritic fingers up.

Could The Sister Act be any funnier?! Whoopi Goldberg stands out as a comedian  when she goes undercover as a nun (Deloris) to avoid being, shall we say, annihilated by an ex-boyfriend (of the married variety).

The Mother at the convent is not a fan of Delores' and resists her attempts to interact with the tough neighborhood residents or create a bit more of a social environment inside the convict. Lots of good music and feel good scenes occur as the nuns clean up the area around their convent and create their own type of hipness and the tough guys in the neighborhood crumble.

During The Sister Act, Sister Mary Clarence realizes that the nuns may be good at praying but they suck as a choir. This is one choir that needs HELP and Dolores, with her vast musical background (an ex-lounge singer in Remo), takes over whipping the other sisters into shape, musically.

The Sister Act is an easy movie to follow and Mom chuckled all the way through it. With no sex (there is, of course, a vow of chastity....) or drugs but a lot of rock and roll, there are some great songs from the 70s which are recognizable to almost everyone. A particularly nice musical number is My Guy (performed as My God by the nuns). The finale can't be missed - "I will follow him" takes on a whole new meaning when it's sung by a group of nuns and not a bunch of teenagers crying about lost love.

So, grab your favorite senior citizen, pop some popcorn, and belly up to the sofa for The Sister Act.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Odd Couple with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon

Rating: 8 arthritic fingers up.

Dut dut dut dut dooo, dut dut doo dut dut doo doo....Anyone who is a fan of The Odd Couple will semi-recognize the opening music I semi-recreated above.

The Odd Couple is a very comical story of Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, a couple as odd as it gets. After his marriage breaksup, the uber-neatnik Felix moves in with his old pal (and slob) Oscar Madison - to the chagrin of both parties. Oscar, of cigar-smoking, sock-throwing, food-under-the-bed fame and Felix who is always gripping and cleaning up entertain poker games with a host of interesting cronies - Vinnie, Murray (the cop), Roy, and Speed.

Then there the Pigeon sisters, Cicely and Gwendolyn who are pretty much interchangeable. Mom rolled at this part of the movie.

The Odd Couple is a movie that is easy to watch and a fun movie for a slow night. Created in 1968, The Odd Couple is as funny today as it was then.

The spin-off TV show is also very very funny. That show features Tony Randall as Felix and Jack Klugman as Oscar. A great way to keep someone in stitches for hours at a time.