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Friday, August 10, 2012

When Harry Met Sally with Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan

Rating: 9 arthritic fingers up

Mom would have rated this "10 arthritic thumbs up" if she was still here with me but, since I'm taking over the rating now, I gave it a slight downgrade to "9 arthritic fingers up" due to the very fun scene where Meg Ryan (Sally) fakes an orgasm - I'm just not sure that every elderly person is as progressive as "Dirty Gertie" was.

Regardless, When Harry Met Sally, is a wonderful movie about two friends (Harry <Billy Crystal> and Sally <Meg Ryan> - go figure) meet in New York. The film follows them through a close friendship, to love, to hate, and back to love so the ending is very sweet. Elderly people will also love the real life couples who are featured in small vignettes throughout the movie - people who have been together for many many years and still love each other - just the way it should be.

Some of the best scenes are the first time Harry and Sally land in bed. The camera first focuses on Sally - hair amuss, smile on lips, eyes closed in contentment and then the camera pans to Harry whose eyes show the shock and panic he feels. Both Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are wonderful in this movie. I'm certain your elderly loved one will really enjoy this film.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

An apology to my readers...

I'll start by apologizing to those who have wandered upon my GoodMoviesForSeniorCitizens blogspot - I've been inactive since December 2011 due to increasing needs to be with and care for my Mom, Gertie. Quite sadly, but not tragically, Mom died peacefully in her sleep at 7:11am on  February 15, 2012. She lived a wonderful 95 years. She was surrounded by my brother, Mike, my friend, Sharyn, our excellent caregiver, Elizabeth and myself as she took her last breath.

The time of Mom's death, 7:11, was fitting as we are all gamblers. Before my Dad died in 2005 at the age of 89, I flew out every 6 weeks to pick up the folks, pile them in my brother's van (which he gracefully loaned me every time I asked) and drive them to Laughlin, Nevada for a quick gambling fix. Dad and I would usually belly up to the craps table where hearing Yo 'Leve as an 11 appeared on the dice would send up peals of laughter from us. Mom usually stuck to blackjack or, occasionally, she'd sit between us on a special stool the pit boss brought over so that all 4'10" of her could see over the table.

Our trips were only over the weekend as I was working full time back then and had little vacation to spare. So, for Mom's soul to depart this earth at 7:11am was fitting indeed. I see that time as a nod to good times to come.

So, this blog has layed dormant for 6 months now and it's time to pick up the pieces of Good Movies for Senior Citizens and move on. Since I'm 54, I suppose I technically am just a year away from being a senior citizen in my own right but I will take over the "Arthritic Fingers Up" ratings. After all, I knew Mom the best and know what she'd still call a movie worth watching.

So, dear readers, let's go! I'll try to post a review shortly to get this thing back on the road. That's what Mom would have wanted.

If you happen to find a movie you think is good for senior citizens, kindly leave me a comment and I will try to review it.