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Sunday, November 3, 2013

All Of Me - Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin

Rating: 10 Arthritic Fingers Up

Although Mom is no longer with me to rate this movie, I can still hear her chuckling in my mind at this comedy film; this would definitely have been one of her favorite movies of all time.

The laughter starts when millionaire Edwina Cutwater (Lily Tomlin) finds out she's dying - no, that doesn't sound so funny but what is funny is when she agrees to have her soul (for a whole bunch of money) transferred to the young, beautiful female body of Terri Hoskins (played by Victoria Tennant).

But, the plan goes awry when the shaman who is doing the soul transferring accidentally transfer her soul into the body of Roger Cobb (Steve Martin), her lawyer. She takes over the right side of his body. See, in this movie at least, money can buy you everything - even if it is you soul inhabiting the wrong body.

Each actress and actor in All of Me puts on very funny performances. This is a great movie to watch with an elderly loved one!

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Lucy - The Story of Lucille Ball's Life

Rating: 6 Arthritic Fingers Up.

Note: Amazon doesn't sell this movie so if you have a senior loved one who needs a bit of entertaining, you'll have to find it on Netflix. Sorry. But, I've kindly added a link to the full series of the hit show 'I love Lucy.' No need to thank me. Now, onto the review of 'Lucy.'

While in bed with a torn calf muscle (ouch), I was flipping through Netflix and settled on 'Lucy' with a whole bunch of actors and actresses I don't know including:

Rachel York as Lucy (looks nothing like her)
Danny Pino as Desi Arnaz (looks nothing like him).

The movie was benign enough and just interesting enough as it went into details of Lucy and Desi's sort of tumultuous relationship. He was, predictably, a male chauvinist, cheating man, who had been raised in the lap of luxury until a revolution caused his upper class family to flee his home country. And, equally as predictably, Lucille Ball was a tough, strong woman.

The underlying love story really is a love story though. Through their ups and downs, and even after divorce, they still kept in touch.

I think my Mom would have liked this movie but probably not have loved it. It's a bit slow and some of the language is a bit rough (not that she would have cared about that - we didn't call her 'Dirty Gertie' for nothing.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Move Over, Darling with Doris Day and James Garner

Rating: 8 Arthritic Fingers Up

Move Over, Darling is a really cute movie featuring a very young Doris Day and James Garner. Declared dead after, presumably, being lost at sea after a plane crash, Ellen (Doris Day) is rescued from a deserted island and reintroduced to her old life. And, her timing is impeccable as she appears back on the scene the very day her husband, Nicky (James Garner) has her declared legally dead and remarries a new wife - and takes off on his honeymoon where a very coiffed and stylishly dress Ellen also shows up. When Nicky sees Ellen standing in the lobby, the antics start!

Produced in 1963, Move Over, Darling is sure to delight any elderly person who liked movies back then. Doris Day's innocent face is sure to stir memories of the good old days when phone calls were $0.10 and movie tickets weren't much more. It's also fun to watch the supporting cast of characters when they were younger such as Don Knotts, Thelma Ritter, Edgar Buchanan, John Astin, and Pat Harrington.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Calendar Girls with Helen Miren and Julie Walters

Rating: 8 Arthritic Fingers Up

Calendar Girls is a very funny british comedy about a group of 50 something women who come up with the idea to make a nude calendar of themselves in order to raise money for a new sofa in a hospital waiting room. The movie is filled with beautiful scenes filmed in England so it really is a work of art on top of being funny. The only reason Mom would have given it 8 arthritic fingers up as the rating is because I doubt she would have been able to understand some of the thicker British accents. But, if you're from England, you can't go wrong with Calendar Girls.

As an aside, the nude scenes are not really all that nude so even prudish elderly women and men will think this movie is funny. Pick it up today - makes a great Christmas stocking stuffer also as it's not very expensive.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Long, Long Trailer with Lucy Ball and Desi Arnaz

Rating: 5 arthritic fingers up.

Produced in 1954, this old movie is pretty amusing if you consider the age of the thing. You won't see any great special effects, although, the one scene where Lucy gets blown out of the camper is pretty funny. The premise of this movie (and the reason I watched it as we just bought a travel trailer) is that this young married couple decide to buy a travel trailer so that they can be together as Desi starts his music career on the road.

As can be expected, travels and travails occur, including getting the car (a cadillac is pulling this very long, long trailer!) and trailer stuck in mud up to the axles. Lucy, in typical Lucille Ball fashion, is a daffy housewife who insists on collecting rocks on their trip around the US. Of course, this adds to the weight of the travel trailer and to Desi's despair.

Amusing as this short film is, as a younger person, you might not like it, but watch it with an older person and you'll like it more. I'm sorry that my Mom is no longer with me to have watched it, but I know she would have laughed at the antics in this movie.

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