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Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Other Side of the Mountain - Jill Kinmont's story

Rating: 8 arthritic fingers up.

Mom and I were sitting in the living room after being home just a week - Mom broke her hip 11/11/11 (said that was a lucky day?...) and we spent 5 subsequent weeks in rehab. While surfing through Apple TV, I wandered upon "The Other Side of the Mountain." What a great movie. Now, not 10 arthritic fingers up but a respectable story.

The Other Side of the Mountain is the true story of Jill Kinmont - a one time Olympic hopeful who had a skiing accident in 1955 when she was just 19 (and, coincidentally, the same week she was she was on the cover of Sports Illustrated). With paralysis from the neck down, Jill Kinmont's story is an inspiring tale of overcoming adversity and going on to lead a full and vital life.

After falling in love with Dick Buek, a fellow dare devil skiier, Jill's life looked back on track until Dick was killed in a plane crash on November 3, 1957 at the age of 27. But, ah, Jill goes on. And, goes on splendidly to gain her teaching certificate and, to this day, as a retired teacher she still paints.

With Mom's recovery being slow, and, with Mom being 95, this story hit home. Jill Kinmont was young and in way worse shape than dear Gert yet she persevered through a tough run at physical therapy and her subsequent healing. Mom and I had a nice talk afterwards when I was helping her walk to the kitchen. She's a survivor too...just like Jill Kinmont.

To read more about Jill Kinmont's true story (she's a painter these days), please click this link: Jill Kinmont's story

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