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Monday, October 7, 2013

Lucy - The Story of Lucille Ball's Life

Rating: 6 Arthritic Fingers Up.

Note: Amazon doesn't sell this movie so if you have a senior loved one who needs a bit of entertaining, you'll have to find it on Netflix. Sorry. But, I've kindly added a link to the full series of the hit show 'I love Lucy.' No need to thank me. Now, onto the review of 'Lucy.'

While in bed with a torn calf muscle (ouch), I was flipping through Netflix and settled on 'Lucy' with a whole bunch of actors and actresses I don't know including:

Rachel York as Lucy (looks nothing like her)
Danny Pino as Desi Arnaz (looks nothing like him).

The movie was benign enough and just interesting enough as it went into details of Lucy and Desi's sort of tumultuous relationship. He was, predictably, a male chauvinist, cheating man, who had been raised in the lap of luxury until a revolution caused his upper class family to flee his home country. And, equally as predictably, Lucille Ball was a tough, strong woman.

The underlying love story really is a love story though. Through their ups and downs, and even after divorce, they still kept in touch.

I think my Mom would have liked this movie but probably not have loved it. It's a bit slow and some of the language is a bit rough (not that she would have cared about that - we didn't call her 'Dirty Gertie' for nothing.

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  1. Bet there are some other bio pics out there that seniors would like. My parents liked Will Rogers, Norman Rockwell and similar feel-good people.