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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pompeii: Back From The Dead - Documentary

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Rating: 7 arthritic fingers up.

The ancient city of Pompeii in Italy has caught my attention as John and I hope to visit the unearthed city one day. In fact, Pompeii has long held my interest since my parents came back from a trip to Italy with fascinating photos back in the 1970s. Mom and Dad were also enamored with the ancient Roman town and treated us to a narrated slide show that I'll never forget.

Pompeii: Back from the dead is a wonderful documentary for all ages. Buried and unearthed under 70 feet of ash, Pompeii is shown in amazing detail. The documentary walks one around the various buildings of the doomed city and gives the audience a perspective of what daily life in 79 AD.

It was interesting to find out that Vesuvius, the volcano that destroyed the city, had laid dormant 1500 years. In fact, the citizens of Pompeii didn't even know they lived at the foot of a volcano. There wasn't even an Italian word for volcano!

I'm pretty sure that my Mom would have particularly loved this documentary as it would have brought back memories of that Italy trip, and that fabulous white leather jacket she brought back!

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    I just discovered this page while searching for suitable films for the elderly residents at the sheltered housing site I manage. There are some great suggestions so thank you for posting them. I have found the favourite films my folks have watched so far have been the recent films Warhorse and The King's Speech so if you haven't seen them yet then give them a watch.