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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Not without my daughter with Sally Field

Rating: 7 arthritic fingers up.

Not without my daughter is a true story about Betty Mamoody - an American woman married to an Iranian man. In 1986, she agreed to accompany her husband to his home in Iran for a 2 week vacation to visit his family. She, her daughter and her husband arrived in Iran to a tumultuous greeting and a war strewn country.

During their 2 weeks in Iran, Betty Mahmoody's husband rededicated himself to the Shiite Moslem faith and took on the role of a traditional Iranian man and expected Betty to become an Iranian woman. Swathed in traditional Iranian dress she was beaten frequently and, upon occasion, Moody beat his daughter too.

Considering herself and her daughter held hostage, she fought long and hard to escape over the border (mostly on foot and horseback) to Turkey where she went to the American Embassy. She was reunited with her family in the US in 1986.

Today, Betty Mahmoody fights for the freedom of others in the same predicament. More can be read about this fascinating woman here: Betty Mamoody.

As is Sally Field's wont, she played the part of Betty Mamoody with perfection. This movie was a great find for a rainy, cold day. Mom had no trouble following it and really liked it.

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