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Saturday, February 5, 2011

City Slickers - Billy Crystal

Rating: 9 arthritic fingers up

I'll admit it - I'm a Billy Crystal fan. To me, he's like a Robin Williams without the drugs. I love his ad libs in City Slickers - like when his horse starts walking backward and he calls it the 'moon walk.'

City Slickers is a very fun, very easy to follow movie about three friends who are each in their own throes of a mid-life crisis. So, for vacation, they decide to go to a dude ranch and drive cattle. The most powerful thing either of these men have driven is a car...

The movie follows them as they drive cattle across the New Mexico and their antics and conversation as they work through their individual women problems is just delightful.

The jokes come very fast but they're not very obscure which should help your favorite senior citizen follow the dialogue.

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  1. Great choice! Glad to see you and Gert gave it so many arthritic fingers up!