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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yentl - Barbra Streisand

Rating: 8 arthritic fingers up (would have been 9 but the accents may be tough for some elderly people to follow)

Barbra Streisand is terrific as she plays Yentl, a young Jewish girl who only wants to study the Talmud (Jewish law) forbidden for study by women. Yentl is a beautiful movie which, although a bit slow in the very beginning, did manage to keep my Mom's attention through all 132 minutes.  Boyfriend John said it was like the 'Sound of Music for Jews' and went to read a book. Gert and I loved it.

Although the story is poignant as it traces the young girl through her journey to learn the torah, impersonating a boy in her travels and falling in love (with a man) along the way, my Mom thought the accents of the yiddish men and women were tough to follow at first. When I mentioned to her that they were the same yiddish accents I remembered from my Bubie and Zadie (her Mom and Dad), she agreed and then was fine with them.

This love story unfolds to music sung by Barbra herself. The songs are beautiful, as is the cinetography and story line.

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